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Security Primes was founded in 2013 with a vision of a more secure web. Our security consulting and managed services help firms reduce risk, ensure compliance and secure sensitive data and systems across all platforms. We deliver the powerful solutions to fit your security needs.

Security Primes' services help development teams execute security activities at key touchpoints along your development cycle, rapid detection and remediation of critical vulnerabilities in all your applications.


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Services we offer

High Quality IT Security Services.

  • Web & Network Penetration Testing

    We combine effective penetration testing methodologies like automated and in-depth manual testing for the audit on networks and web applications.

  • Internet of Things Security

    In today's Internet-enabled world, building a secure IoT that the world deserves is vital. IoT devices significantly expand the attack surface. Our IoT experts help in proceeding with the IoT in a safer manner.

  • Mobile Application Security

    We help manage the security risk posed by the mobile apps that your organization builds by combining automated code assessments with expert remediation services.

  • Secure Development

    Secure coding practices ensure that your applications are safe from malicious threats. Building security into development lowers costs and gets software launched on time effectively.



Security Primes was great to work with. They were able to identify and clearly communicate to us about possible security issues. The extra explanation to each report really helped our developers correctly fix the issue as well as learn how to avoid them in the future.


Travis Emslander

CTO, Field Nation

It's very valuable for a startup to collaborate with a security expert when you cannot fully manage this topic internally. I would recommend Security Primes because we could see them get to the bottom of their work, which is very important in this area. Also, SecurityPrimes' report was both very relevant and well structured.


Damien Courbon

COO, Swapcard

Security Primes was easy to work with and provided a clear, concise report. I would highly recommend their services.


Kevin Vye

AVP, IT, Security and Privacy, Auvik Networks Inc.

Security Primes has disclosed several security vulnerabilities to us and has been extremely helpful in securing our software. Their reports are extensive and full with examples, proofs of concept and escalation of severity through combining several attack vectors. They have demonstrated excellent knowledge of various attack vectors on the web! We would recommend them to anyone who would want a more secure software!.


Haralan Dobrev

CTO, Clippings

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